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_Darwinius masillae_ on The History Channel

On Friday night, The History Channel repeated their program "The Link"  
about _Darwinius masillae_.  I haven't heard so many uses of may,  might, could 
have, possibly, etc., in a long time, but somehow those qualifiers  added 
up to a missing link to humans.  Ida (EE-duh) didn't do much in her  9-10 
months of life but picked a great place to die.
The show itself was verrryyyy slow, with 10 minutes of real information  
stretched out to fit an hour.  Many shots of the fossil, with  dramatic music. 
 I was expecting the T. rex puppet head from "The  Ultimate Guide to _T. 
rex" to make an appearance, which would probably have been  more exciting.
I haven't seen any comments from The Wyoming Dinosaur Center about  Plate B 
of the fossil.
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