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FW: Leaned something new! RE: Some Data ....

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As a side note here=2C even perfectly formed undamaged fossils
can on occasion turn instantly soggy by simply adding a preservative
whilest in the field. You can instantly turn fossils into mush by
doing so. It would appear that if they are laced with 1000s of tiny microsc=
opic fractures and you add a liquid=2C they will flow. One has=20
to add preservatives one drop at a time=2C allowing each drop to harden
before applying the next application. I believe this is the reason most
fossils are destroyed when amateurs attempt to recover them.  --dale=20

> Date: Sun=2C 1 Nov 2009 08:32:51 +1100
> From: dannj@alphalink.com.au
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> Subject: Re: Leaned something new! RE: Some Data ....
> On Sat=2C Oct 31st=2C 2009 at 4:58 AM=2C B tH=20
> wrote:
>> I never have heard that fossils could be in such
>> a condition. I have seen some rocks that were easily
>> crunched up by hand - must be along the same lines.
>> When things like this occur=2C is it due to something that
>> has happened to the fossil "recently" - how could it
>> have survived up till now in such a state?
> I suspect most 'oatmeal' fossils are due to chemical changes that have
> occured while they were in the upper soil layers. They were probably
> much harder for most of their fossil 'life'=2C otherwise you'd think that
> pressure put on them at any decent depth would squish them beyond
> recognision. Keep in mind that even solid and apparently hard bone can
> gradually 'flow' under immense pressures=2C resulting in distortion of th=
> fossil.
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