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Re: Leaned something new! RE: Some Data ....


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>As a side note here=2C even perfectly formed undamaged fossils
can on occasion turn instantly soggy by simply adding a preservative
whilest in the field. You can instantly turn fossils into mush by
doing so. It would appear that if they are laced with 1000s of tiny microsc=
opic fractures and you add a liquid=2C they will flow.

If you're using an acetone-based preservative then this may explain why your 
fossils fall apart (especially initially) as acetone breaks down the van de 
waals forces that bind clays together. Hence adding the acetone removes the 
cohesive ability of the clay (or clay coatings for sand grains) and if it is 
this that is holding the fossil together (or forming a retaining support), then 
it may cause the fossil to turn to mush.

Denver Fowler