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Re: Is the "KâT boundary" now the "KâPg boundary" ?

In a message dated 11/2/2009 4:12:20 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
oxytropidoceras@cox.net writes:

<< The people on this list, who work with the K-T Boundary might  
consider the likelyhood that the recent formal ratification of the  
Quaternary System/Period and the Pleistocene Series/Epoch
systems has  changed the "K-T Boundary" to the "K-Pg Boundary" >>

This has been dicussed on the DML numerous times.  For an example see:

"K/T" has a nice ring to it and will take a  good generation to disappear, 
I'd think. "K-Pg" is a bit clumsy and I didn't  know she was pregnant. Now 
back to my illustration of Trachodon. DV