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Re: New BBC series research

Trevor Dykes wrote:

> /Xenocretosuchus/ of Siberia and a couple of not yet
> described tritylodontid Lower Cretaceous colleagues from
> Japan.  Tis oft assumed that non-mammalian cynodonts
> saw their mammalian 'descendants', and were so impressed
> with mammals that the non-mammal cynos all dropped
> dead.  Xenocret and Co demonstrate non-mammalian
> cynodonts were still breeding well into the Cretaceous.

If the Paleogene synapsid _Chronoperates_ is correctly identified as a 
non-mammalian cynodont, then they survived into the Cenozoic too.

However, the identification is open to debate.  The issue is nicely summarized 
by Darren: