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Re: Need Postosuchus skeleton

There's still the bipedal reconstruction of Weinbaum (2002) or the composite 
one of Peyer et al. (2008), based on the holotype of *Postosuchus kirkpatricki* 
and *Postosuchus alisonae* and seemingly other specimens of *P. kirkpatricki* 
and/or rauisuchians.

Weinbaum (2002): 

Peyer et al. (2008): 

David Marjanovic a écrit :

BTW, I should had mentioned Alex Freeman's e-mail address: alex.freeman@bbc.co.uk. Unlike Outlook Express, Thunderbird is too stupid to automatically include that kind of information in a reply -- it just puts "[name] wrote:".
 My mind is numb from googling, scanning papers and looking through
books. Its late. I have to CG model this thing. I need a good skeleton drawing. You know. Greg Paul Style. Oh yea...Rapenomamus would be great too.
I bet that no such thing has ever been done for *Repenomamus*, and I'm not sure about *Postosuchus* either (sure, there's Chatterjee's reconstruction, but it's not GSP-style, and it depicts a chimera).