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Feathered dinos (was RE: New BBC series research-fine feathered dinos)

B tH wrote:
> While N.A. has had several feathered dinos
> discovered, it has seemed that the Mongolian-Chinese
> fossil record is 'richer' in these animals (going by
> the various news outlets.)
> Is that just chance?
> Could the environments have been different enough
> to spur feathers in what is today's Orient?

Let's not mistake "feathered dinosaurs" for "dinosaur fossils with
feathers preserved".

North America has  many fossils of feathered dinosaurs (avialians,
dromaeosaurids, troodontids, oviraptorosaurs, alvarezsaurids,
ornithomimosaurs, tyrannosauroids), just none preserved with feathers on
them.  The Asian fossils are preserved in very fine-grained sediments
which preserve the carbonized feathers (and also which preferentially
preserve small-bodied animals). The North american fossils are typically
preserved in river deposits, which do not preserve such details.

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