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RE: New BBC series research

Now why hadn't I heard of Xenoposeidon before?!  (Actually, no, don't answer 

But, seriously, yes, the Wealdon is close to home and should definitely be 'on 
my list' - thanks.

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2009/11/7 john hunt <john.bass@ntlworld.com>:
> Good old Auntie, evolves a whole genre of programs and then tries to 
> make it extinct!
> How abut the British Wealden group?  Baryonyx, Neovenetar, Eotyrannus 
> and the stuff they fed on.

How can you go talking about THOSE crappy Wealden dinosaurs and overlook the 
unquestionable master of them all?

My name is Xenoposeidon, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

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