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Re: Europaleo before the wall fell

 I was amazed, Jaeger did not seemed concerned about the Stasi whom I
 figured bugged his office.

1) The state didn't consider it urgent to repair the war damage to the building (this is, slowly, being done _now_ -- as of July this year, you can still see bullet impacts on some walls); would it really have made it a priority to bug the offices of harmless underfunded professors who spend their days theorizing about old bones? 2) If Jäger wasn't afraid of the Stasi, maybe he was inside. After all, insane amounts of people were employed by it. Keep in mind that this would not necessarily mean that he really believed in the regime; communism is a system of thought that provides one correct answer to every conceivable question, so if you just learn all the correct answers by heart, you're indistinguishable from a true believer (as long as you act like one when you're being watched).