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molecular vert paleo studies on CBS's "60 minutes", Sunday 15th November

Hi DML listers,

This Sunday (Nov 15th) some of the research of Dr.s Jack Horner (Museum
of the Rockies, Montana State University) and Mary Schweitzer (North
Carolina State University) will be featured in a segment on "60
minutes" (topical magazine show, CBS). I believe it starts 7pm but
you'd have to check your local listings.

The main topic is the various recent research on molecular preservation
and Evo-devo in vertebrate paleontology, including Jack's book "how to
build a dinosaur".

The following website link doesn't have any information yet, but it
does let you view the episodes of 60 minutes after they air. maybe this
will work for people outside of the US.

I haven't seen the footage, but 60 minutes does a decent job usually, so 
hopefully it will be a good show.


Denver Fowler