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Re: CBS's "60 minutes", Sunday 15th November

Wow, this is great!
Football will no doubt make it run late like it
has for the past 3 weeks, tho' - so be patient.
Have to tape/DVD this one.

Now - please set your weapons on "stun" instead of
incinerate, but, I thought Dr. Schweitzer's soft-
protein recovery (among her many very important
works, I'm sure) was shown to be - mistaken? 
I'm guessing this may be at the heart of this segment
since their discussing dino-chickens and so forth.

Anyway, what is the consensus at this time?
IS there a consensus?

Whatever the case it is way-cool to have some 
heavy paleo work this close to home.
Go Wolfpack - 1983 grad student at NC STATE!