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re: 60 Minutes

There was a report from May 2008, where the authors claimed to use Schweitzer's 
procedures to produce similar looking protein structures.  They tested the 
protein and determined it was "biofilm", i.e. just remnants of bacteria and 
other things - much like the slimy stuff you find if you've left a bucket 
outside for a year or two in a moist climate.  They claim that the biofilm 
preserved the shapes and structures of the original cells, etc.  Then they 
Carbon-dated the slime, and determined it was from 1960!!!

If the latter is true, then the original structures must have been there up 
until 1960, in order for the biofilm to match them!

Additionally, earlier this year, Mary & her team announced finding hadrosaur (I 
think) soft tissue from 80 mya.  

As I expect, the new paper probably agrees with Mary S.'s finding of proteins 
matching those found in modern dinos (aka birds).

Allan Edels
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I don't think anyone disputed she recovered the proteins, it was the big-glop 
of protein goo that
was shown on various science docs that some of them
apparently had a problem with.  Some said it was just
bacteria or something - like I said, trying to find the news stories.  You can 
never find it when you need it!   I'm just looking for
the consensus opinion.  

As we've seen on this board just about everything
gets disputed to some degree.     :-))