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PDF Request and a question

The Request:

I emailed Russell for this thingy (back before I joined the list), without 
response. I've also searched the heck out of Google and nearby libraries, to no 
avail. I'm looking for

Russell, D. A., 1969, A new specimen of Stenonychosaurus from the Oldman 
Formation (Cretaceous) of Alberta: Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 6, p. 

Any sort of help will be very much appreciated.
The Question:
Looking through the archives, I found out about an issue of _Earth_ magazine 
from the summer of 1993 that has in it a Bakker article about dromaeosaurs, 
including his own version of theropod phylogeny. Does anybody the name of that 
article, or where I can get the issue in question?

~ Michael                                         
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