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Re: ooo missed this one - this will stir the BAND pot

> In reality, this debate effectively ended about 20 years ago.  The 
> preponderance of evidence in favor of BAD had been around even before the 
> feathered Chinese dinos were discovered in the 1990s.
> Science (capital "S" science) often resolves debates between the Young Turks 
> and the Old Guard by letting Nature take its course.

What's the problem with the most logical idea being atacked by dudes
using less evidence in their support? That they don't want to get
convinced and still "make" us read what they write? I would not care
about trying to convince them...
I suppose the problem with that kind of "debate" may be that they are
wrongly teaching new generations (however, if they are to become
scientists, they will likely raise some kind of independent thinking
so this problem will be less important) or that they bear political
positions from which they can put obstacles to all those working in
research programmes related to the hypotheses they dislike. The later
danger is by far the worst, because in addition to stubborness implies
bad will against those bearing contrary opinions.