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RE: ooo missed this one - this will stir the BAND pot

As scientists - and all part gadfly as well - we should all be happy to see
people trying to blow holes in all current majority opinions and I think
everyone discussing this on and off feel that way. The problem with the
usual suspects is that their arguments are almost inevitably terribly flawed
and, at times, very illogical. For example, Ruben's arguments recently about
just how unique the birds respiratory system is and how this argues against
dino origins (somehow not really in the paper but inserted in the press
release) ignores the fact that it had to evolve from somewhere and they have
no better alternative amongst other groups. This mirrors their past attempts
(e.g. early discussions on scippy) with exactly the same lousy logic that
any difference between modern birds and dinos argues against dino origins
when they have no other taxon that would be better and wouldn't have to make
a similar transition.

So I wanted to make sure all readers understand that the discussions that
are on-going are NOT arguments against dissenting opinions, something
essential in science, but against a small group of scientists making old and
bad arguments for whatever their motivation is. If they did their job
better, we would all be happy.