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climate change et al Was Six months to trigger the mini-ice age?

Somewhat off dinosaurs at first glance but if you are tired of the same old CO2 only band wagon and you can actually plow your way through a well documented, extra-ordinarily researched paper relating to climate way back not just the gorey hockey stick graph of the last 50 years, read: http://www.tetontectonics.org/Climate.html The last DML post about 6 months to trigger a mini-ice age got me riled up with it's typical journalistic flair and only it's toe dipped in science. I was the last to proof this before it was released and it took me a week to proof read this cited paper by Peter Ward, I dare any of you to find flaws in the logic if you can follow the back and forth between the science in the graphs and the interpretation in the text. If you want to know the real science, read it. It also relates to dinosaurs actually because volcanism was a major issue then too. Figure it out if you can. The hard core CO2 is the only cause out there folks who got lost in the main article can pick up the main points at : http://www.nutrimedical.com/announcements.jhtml?method=view&announcements.id=32 for a quickie overview.

This is a tough one not for the meek of mind but if you want to actually understand some atmospheric science instead of blindly believing what your being force fed through the clueless media, here you are.

Frank (Rooster) Bliss

CO2 must have killed the dinosaurs too. It such a poison of such irrelevance but has a really good publicity agency.