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*Triceratops horrida*

Horrid, yes, but *Triceratops* is a she, not a he:

Hê is the feminine article, ho is masculine, o is neuter.

(It says "B" in there. There is an "A", see below, but that, too, is feminine, and it means "voice/word", so it almost certainly wasn't meant anyway.

It follows that, because of Art. 34.2 of the ICZN, *T. horridus* and *T. prorsus* must immediately become *T. horrida* and *T. prorsa*, with author and date unchanged (no formal emendation, the corrected versions are _already_ correct and always have been):

And this goes for all other -ops names, all the way to *Eryops megacephal...a*.

Have I overlooked something? Is the dictionary wrong?