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RE: ooo missed this one - this will stir the BAND pot

The other thing to remember is that BAND ("birds-are-not-dinosaurs") has long 
ceased to be a hypothesis.  It does not offer an alternative to BAD 
("birds-are-dinosaurs"), and is now solely dedicated to bringing down the BAD 
hypothesis.  Thus, BAND is an antithesis, not a hypothesis.

To that end, alleged flaws in BAD are held up by the BANDits as refutations of 
the BAD hypothesis.  However, even if any of the BANDit claims are valid (e.g., 
the 1-2-3/2-3-4 digital homology issue), it does not mean that the BAD 
phylogenetic hypothesis (= birds are nested inside Theropoda) is falsified.  
This is nothing more than naive falsification on the part of the BANDits.