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Re: *Triceratops horrida*

Quoting Tim Williams <tijawi@yahoo.com>:

David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

It follows that, because of Art. 34.2 of the ICZN, *T.
horridus* and *T. prorsus* must immediately become *T.
horrida* and *T. prorsa*, with author and date unchanged (no
formal emendation, the corrected versions are _already_
correct and always have been):

And this goes for all other -ops names, all the way to
*Eryops megacephal...a*.

Have I overlooked something? Is the dictionary wrong?

I can't comment on the esteemed Liddell & Scott, but what I do know is that ancient Greek texts are replete with names of male individuals that end in -ops (Pelops, Merops, Dolops, Dryops, Phaenops, etc) and names of female individuals that end in -ope (Merope, Asterope, Calliope, Dryope, Sinope, etc). So something is being overlooked. There is no way that _Triceratops_ (or any other genus ending in _ceratops_) is feminine.

I'm not completetly sure what's going on here, either, but Cyclops is also masculine.

Nicholas J. Pharris