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FW: New BBC series research

Fill me in on the Barnes High sauropod please. --dale

> Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 21:21:24 +0000
> From: mike@indexdata.com
> To: john.bass@ntlworld.com
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> Subject: Re: New BBC series research
> 2009/11/8 john hunt :
>>>> How abut the British Wealden group? Baryonyx, Neovenetar, Eotyrannus and
>>>> the stuff they fed on.
>>> How can you go talking about THOSE crappy Wealden dinosaurs and
>>> overlook the unquestionable master of them all?
>>> My name is Xenoposeidon, king of kings:
>>> Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!
>> All those theropods had to eat something!
>> Can you do a reconstruction from 1 bone?
> Can we? No. But did we? Heck, yeah!
> http://svpow.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/xenoposeidon-skeleton.jpeg
>> Are the other Wealden sauropod
>> remains attributable to the same species - hell there is a full program just
>> on that!
> If only we knew! As SV-POW! fans will know, Wealden sauropod
> systematics is a mess. Partly that's just because so many specimens
> are fragmentary, partly it's because the Wealden's involvement in the
> earliest days of dino palaeontology means that it had a lot of genera
> named on what we now recognise as non-diagnostic specimens, and partly
> it's because various people, hoping to clear all this up, have instead
> made it much worse by referring various specimens to different genera
> and synonymising left right and centre on inadequate evidence. While
> it's clear that there is no other known sauropod vertebra remotely
> like the Xeno holotype, it's still possible that, for example, the
> Pelorosaurus conybeari humerus is from the same animal.
> Most tantalising of all: I've never seen the dorsal vertebrae of the
> privately owned Barnes High sauropod. It's possible (not likely, but
> possible) that they have a substantially complete Xenoposeidon there.
> Fingers crossed that time will tell!                                    
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