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re: Changchengopterus

Giving credit where credit is due, little Changchengopterus indeed nests 
between Campylognathoides and Sordes, but a wee bit further (two nodes) from 
Dorygnathus than originally nested when tested on a larger taxon list. I found 
the scapula and coracoid to be fused, as in the sister taxa. And it is similar 
in size to Sordes. Possibly congeneric. Depends on how you lump and split. 

That little patch of soft tissue is the anterior dentary in ventrolateral view. 
The rest of the skull is buried beneath the humerus. Perhaps one can dig it out 
from the other side. 

Lü 2009  An New Non-Pterodactyloid Pterosaur from Qinglong County, Hebei 
Province of China. Acta Geologica Sinica 83:189-199.

Thanks to Rob Taylor for the data. 

David Peters
St. Louis

cc: JL