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Re: 60 Minutes Schweitzer/Horner feature

MKIRKALDY@aol.com writes:

> Jack Horner without a beard or mustache!

And he kept biting his lip during the interview.  It made me think he was 
hiding something from us.  ;-)

>The producers could  have given the assignment to a
> more informed reporter than Leslie  Stahl, whose
> interviewing technique consisted of repeating what 
> the subject just  said, with inflection.

Considering the audience (who, demographically, are likely 
politically-oriented, upwardly-mobile adults who haven't seriously thought 
about dinosaurs for 20-30 years), Ms. Stahl's interview style may have been a 
good thing.  Act surprised, repeat his answers, and use inflection as though 
you were talking to pre-schoolers.

Being one of Ms. Stahl's subject audience (a pre-schooler in an adult body, 
although I prefer to use the term "man-child"), I was generally impressed with 
the piece.  Before the show aired, I was concerned that, considering Horner's 
latest tome (_How to Build a Dinosaur_), that 60 Minutes might do a hatchet job 
on the Horner and use it as an excuse to bring in a conservative mouthpiece to 
trash govt. funding for genetics research.  So, considering my fear, it turned 
out better than I expected.


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