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Just out: Cretaceous Crocs of the Sahara


(And when I mean "just out", I mean "I hit the refresh screen and the table
of contents changed")

ZooKeys 28 (Special Issue)
Cretaceous Crocodyliforms from the Sahara
Paul C. Sereno, Hans C. E. Larsson


Diverse crocodyliforms have been discovered in recent years in Cretaceous
rocks on southern landmasses formerly composing Gondwana.  We report here on
six species from the Sahara with an array of trophic adaptations that
significantly deepen our current understanding of African crocodyliform
diversity during the Cretaceous period.  We describe two of these species
(Anatosuchus minor, Araripesuchus wegeneri) from nearly complete skulls and
partial articulated skeletons from the Lower Cretaceous Elrhaz Formation
(Aptian-Albian) of Niger. The remaining four species (Araripesuchus
rattoides sp. n., Kaprosuchus saharicus gen. n. sp. n., Laganosuchus
thaumastos gen. n. sp. n., Laganosuchus maghrebensis gen. n. sp. n.) come
from contemporaneous Upper Cretaceous formations (Cenomanian) in Niger and

Zookeys is a new online zoological taxonomic journal.

(Tip of the Hat to Hans Sues, you warned us to keep an eye out for something
fossil reptilian in this journal this morning.)

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