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Who sez taxonomy doesn't count?

"From the mid-19th century the common skate was described as two distinct 
species, the flapper skate, D. intermedia, and the blue skate, D. flossada. 
However, in an influential work in 1926 R.S Clark recognised only 'D. batis' as 
a valid species and this classification has largely gone unchallenged since.
This classification confusion has resulted in the depletion of the flapper 
skate, the more endangered species of the two, being masked in the catch 
record. This means the risk of extinction is far higher than previously 
assessed and without immediate and incisive action the species may be in an 
irreversible decline towards extinction." -- SciDaily

Now back in the good old days I could have made some crack like; "This isn't 
likely to happen w/ dino's...", but the BAD concept has obviously destroyed 
that opportunity.

And then there is the Brontosaurus tragedy...

I further note that the above incident was apparently the result of a revision 
done by a "Fresh Prince" of work previously done by the "Old Guard".