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Re: Hollandornis birdus, when and where?

Hollandornis birdus is evidently a typographical error for Hollanda luceria.  
In the earlier "Accepted Manuscript" version of the paper, the species is 
listed as Hollanda luceria in Table 1.  But when the paper went to press, it is 
listed as Hollandornis birdus in the same Table (although given as the correct 
name Hollanda luceria everywhere else).  Weird.  These things happen.

Joao S. Lopes <josimo70@yahoo.com.br> wrote:

> Alyssa K. Bell, Luis M. Chiappe, Gregory M. Erickson, Shigeru Suzuki, 
> Mahito Watabe, Rinchen Barsbold, and K. Tsogtbaatar. 
> Description and ecologic analysis of _Hollanda luceria_, a Late 
> Cretaceous bird from the Gobi Desert 
> (Mongolia).  Cret. Res,. in press doi:10.1016/j.cretres.2009.09.001  
> In this paper describing new ornithuromorphan Hollanda
> Luceria, a ground-running bird from Barun Goyot (akin to
> Apsaravis, Patagopteryx, Yixianornis, Gansus), it's
> mentioned another bird (Ornithurae) called Hollandornis
> birdus. Does anyone know in what paper this species was
> described?