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Re: Paraphyla nomenclature was Re: Ceratosauria vs. Neotheropoda?

2009/11/22 David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>:
> 3. Established names {should|must}be marked in writing with {some sort of
> symbol} to distinguish them from clade names and rank-based names.
> What that symbol should be is of course a good question. An asterisk behind
> the name will send people looking for a footnote or, worse, an endnote. Two
> asterisks, one on each side, appears to be a common convention among
> German-speaking cladists, but has been overtaken by general Internet
> emphasis. Reverse italics (\ instead of /) are only available in some
> versions of Microsoft Word and, I think, nowhere else...

What about some "par." or "p." between parenthesis afeter the name:
"Prosauropoda (par.)"?