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Re: found on dinosaurs.about.com

 "There was still room for innovation, though: for example,
 paleontologists believe that Stomatosuchus subsisted on plankton and
 krill, like a sperm whale!"


Why does anyone bother about about.com? This is like complaining about YouTube comments. :o)

Full SIWOTI treatment: Yes, *Stomatosuchus* was at times thought to be possibly toothless, and then speculation ensued that it might "therefore" have been a filter feeder, like a... wait for it... baleen whale, but not only is all that wrong judging from *Laganosuchus*, it also never was such a consensus that "paleontologists believe" would have been an appropriate wording.

(SIWOTI means this: http://xkcd.com/386/ -- soon I'll gain the right to buy one of those T-shirts that say "I am aware of all Internet traditions".)