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RE: Just Add Dinosaur

Coupla Aussie sites
Dense forest habitats =
1. Victorian temperate rainforests (eg. the Otways) - wonderful otherworldy 
Nothofagus trees, incredible giant Dickinsonia tree ferns and a dense 
understory of diverse smaller ferns. Babbling brooks and scenic waterfalls.
2. Excellent old-Gondwanan forests in Tasmania.
3. Bunya Pine forests in southern Queensland - massive Araucaria pines that 
look at least 7 times cooler than the same old Chilean monkey puzzles.
4. Fraser Islan... oh crap... thats already been done to death in WWD and 
Prehistoric Park - scratch that.
Dry habitat = 
Banksia swampland on Swan Coastal Plains (Perth, WA) - winter months if you 
don't want too many angiosperms in shot. The angiosperm trees (Banskias, 
Nuytsias - a 10m tall parasitic mistletoe, Woollybush) don't look like your 
stereotypical angiosperm trees. Dense bracken ferns. Huge stands of Macrozamia 
Lotsa great central Australian sites as well - Mulga stands on soils too 
infertile for much grass. Chenopod scrublands.
Can supply photos (of Victoria, sw WA and Central Oz) if required.


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   Hello All

   Has there ever been a place you've visited, or looked at in a book 
or have watched on TV where all it needed to complete the picture was 
a dinosaur?
What are the paces in the world that look just like a slice of the 
Mesozoic ?  TV documentaries keep using the same old places-Chile, New 
Zealand, etc.  Is there anything else out that
has taken your imagination back to a place millions of years ago?
   What are great places for the Jehol? Wessex? Dinosaur Park?

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