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Re: Just Add Dinosaur

Erik Boehm wrote:
Dense forest habitats =
1. Victorian temperate rainforests (eg. the Otways) -
wonderful otherworldy Nothofagus trees, incredible giant
Dickinsonia tree ferns and a dense understory of diverse
smaller ferns. Babbling brooks and scenic waterfalls.

*Dikinsonia* tree ferns???
Isn't that a member of the Ediacaran biota? or is there a tree fern named that 
Quite a long way from the mesozoic there....


I'd agree with Brian's comments about the Otways - they're magnificent. The Bunya Pine stands in S Qld are incredible. Haven't seen the other localities, though, but I'm sure they're pretty good. Given that much of the Australian flora looks so wierd to N. Hemipshere eyes, you could probably film in a lot of places on the continent and create a convincing dinosaur scene.

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