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Re: Dun da dun dun dun: PDF request

Ken Carpenter keeps a list of his pdfs on his website at


The security certificate is out of date - I don't know how much of a drama that is.

The publication you're after is listed, but there are no hotlinks to a pdf. This might be a technical glitch. In this case (as with many others) it would be worth contacting Ken directly: Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org . He's usually very helpful with supplying pdfs etc.

Michael Erickson wrote:
Carpenter (1998). Armor of Stegosaurus stenops, and the taphonomic history of a new 
specimen from Garden Park Colorado. The Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation: An 
Interdisciplinary Study. Part 1. Modern Geology 22. pp. 127–144.

I've searched all over the internet and can't find this. (Well, technically I 
found it on Google Books, but they won't let you see all the pages and some 
very important ones are missig. And the volume is not currently available on 
Amazon [not that I would have the $$$ to buy it if it was].) I've also checked 
the local libraries.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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