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Re: Wukongopterus and Darwinopterus

2009/11/27 David Peters <davidpeters@att.net>:
>>> When the tree topology is correct typo corrections will support the tree. 
>>> When not, typos will correct a tree. The correct tree is/was out there. It 
>>> just has to be echoed in analysis.
>> Hypothetically.  Realistically, though, we will never have the "right tree" 
>> for any given group - every topology will be inaccurate in some detail (if 
>> nothing else, we don't have all the species that ever existed).
> I don't buy it. There is a single tree out there. It brought us all the 
> specimens we now know. Every right tree we hypothesize will admit new taxa as 
> they are discovered with no change to the rest of the tree topology.

Not so.  There is no guarantee that the true tree is the most
parsimonious.  It's perfectly possible that even if we recovered
perfect specimens of every species, scored them all correctly, and
recovered a single MPT that is many steps shorter than all the other
trees, that might STILL not be the true tree.  That is just the
reality of evolution.