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Rescued from truncation: Rv: R: happy day to all paleontologists

Very interesting what some of us have missed here!!!

Sebas, if you can't get Yahoo! to send e-mails in plain text _only_ (and Yahoo! being what it is, you probably can't), you should consider switching to another provider. I see below that you already have a gmail address...


I'm sorry for the delay. It was a long cellebration...hahaha...coupled with=
the wonderful visit of Francisco Ayala and the Annual Meeting of the Argen=
tinian Paleontological Association. =0ASo, answering, yes, there is in Arge=
ntina a "paleontologist's day", right like the father's day or any other.=
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oviembre, 2009 16:22:25=0AAsunto: R: happy day to all paleontologists=0A=0A=
Hola Sebastian,=0Athere is a "paleontologist's day" officially in Argentina=
? Like the "women's day" or the "father's day"?