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Re: Wukongopterus and Darwinopterus

It seems that a correlation may be true even if we have exceptions.
How would we deal with the fact that commonly some character state is
correlated between both sides of a bilateral organism and that in some
exceptions, where assymetry occurs, this is not the case? Would we
consider the states of both sides of the body as non-correlated, based
on distribution, and would both be included in the study?

I suppose that pragmatically, we can keep considerering the states in
both sides as correlated and then consider the assymetry as a
character state. Then, we should have to code polymorphism for the
character state that varies from side to side in the assymetric taxon.
Making a character for each side entails the problem we may be finding
more support than there is for clades where the change in both sides
are correlated.