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update: How to get a copy of The Dinosaur Papers"

Posted for Nadine White:

All you need to do is write out a check to Bookworm Productions Inc
for $27.75 - that's $20.00 for the book and $7.75 forr shipping and
handling.  Send your name, address, and email along with the
check to me at:

Nadine White
Bookworm Productions Inc
10300 Bushman Dr. APT 101
Oakton, VA 22124

If you need it sent to Canada - postage is $18.50 - so $38.50.

I will send the book to you directly.  I mail out within 2 business
days of receiving your order.

If you need one sent to Europ, the postage is far worse than 
Canada, so email me with where the book has to go
and I will get a quote from the Post Office.