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Re: dinosaur-inspired creatures in AVATAR

On Thu, 26 Nov 2009, Paul P wrote:

It's not your eyesight. The whole 3D thing is a gimmick to
try to get more people into theatres. Hollywood is getting

CGI is a gimmick ;)

Who wants to go back to stop motion?

desperate. Unfortunately, as P.T. Barnum noted, there are
plenty of people who are willing to do things like wearing
plastic eyeglasses while they watch a movie. "3D" should be
a warning *not* to go see a particular movie. I'm keeping
my fingers crossed that JP4 will not be in 3D.

As for Avatar, what if you download it and watch on your
computer--is it still 3D then..?

No, 2D, because there are two complete films from different
eye angles. Unless BOTH are downloadable, and you have the means
of viewing ...