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Re: Dragon's Paradise Lost - re-planting KD's in Oz

 Comparable examples: There's an endangered predator on an offshore
 island, and it's either almost certainly extinct in the wild (cf.
 Thylacinus [I'm not saying I think there are living Tassie Tigers,
 just using the example]) or threatened by disease due to inbreeding

Does inbreeding really have something to do with the transmissible cancer?

 Bring 'em on. There's vast amounts of roadkill that goes to waste all
 across northern Australia, but if they want fresh meat they can live
 on water buffalo, gaur and pigs at first, we'll wean them onto a
 native diet if they behave themselves.

If they don't get that idea on their own. (But maybe there's enough roadkill that they wouldn't bother start killing on their own?)

 I wonder how they handle toads?

Sheer body size helps dilute the effects of the poisons: snakes are being selected for larger body size and smaller mouth size at the moment.

 Cane toads (Bufo/Chaunus/Rhinella marinus)

*Rhinella marin_a_*.

 These toads are presently in
 Timor, I wonder how long till they get to Flores and Komodo?


 And yes, I fully understand that lizards may bite people. But we
 already have large goannas in Australia, and they never kill ANYONE.

Is it just because the perentie is solitary?

 We have an international reputation to maintain, and our lizards are

Wise words. I'm for it.