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Re: ideas about saving endangered species

Ooops, please do not create a new thread (with a different name) with
such a crazy and out of focus idea as this... feels more exposed than
forming part of another thread.

With large animals, I think they are more for livestock than pets.
Reproduction of livestock is also supported by humans.

Anyway, I do not think we should extract specimens from nature and put
them for sale... but start with savage animals badly injured we find.
These are difficult to relocate in the wild, so perhaps we may try to
reproduce them with other individuals in similar conditions, under
human care. Some of these would be unsuited for relocation, so they
can become simply pets. If these pets can be reproduced with other
individuals injured by contact with civilization, they can with time
make a large population of native pets, descendant from injured
ancestors. Perhaps some of these can get back into the wild and get
their instincts right, as happens with feral dogs, cats and pigs.