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Re: Dragon's Paradise Lost - re-planting KD's in Oz

Forgot to say it is true that the amount of release, and the physical
condition of the specimens released, should have to be better studied
according to the case...

Anyway, incorporation into the human realm, and replacement of
destructive foreigner dogs and cats by native animals, may serve as
banks and amplifiers of the number of the populations of those

They may lost some of the behaviors which are culturally transmited,
but the domestic animals we have know how to live alone in feral
state, so I guess that in animals where culture is less important than
instinct, the loss is not so great.

Anyway, I think we do not need to rob specimens from natural
populations, because we may take care of these individuals which
suffer from injuries due to collision with our civilization, and
cannot be released (if we try to reproduce individuals in these
conditions, we can slowly increase the number of individual in the
anthropic realm).