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RE: PLoS T.rex infection paper nomenclature question

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> On Behalf Of Bruce Woollatt
> Hi all;
> In reading the list of specimens examined for this paper I 
> noted the use of the name Albertosaurus libratus instead of 
> Gorgosaurus libratus? Can I assume that the question of 
> synonymy is still unresolved? Has something since Currie's 
> 2003 splitsville paper on Alberta tyrannosaurs been published 
> disputing his findings, or is this just lingering lumpishness?
> Any comments or clarifications are welcome.
No, you cannot assume the question is resolved! In fact, these things don't
"get resolved" as such.

"Lumping" vs. "Splitting" per se do not have right or wrong answers; they
are merely different philosophical approaches to dividing up the natural
diversity into categories.

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