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Re: Samson the T. Rex

Despite what you may have read, there is no real evidence for discrete morphs. The idea of "robust" and "gracile" requires an actual population of adults that lived at the same time and place (like the Ghost Ranch Coelophysis quarry); T. rex specimens are from different times and places and are not known in large enough numbers for anyone to establish the existence of two separate morphs. Even come the day when we (hopefully) have enough adults to test this, it will be hard to separate sexual dimorphism from ontogenetic variation and potential evolutionary changes across geologic time (especially since many older T. rex finds do not have perfect stratigraphic data recorded).

Statements that imply two separate adult morphs are quantitative claims and cannot be supported just because so-and-so says that specimen A looks robust to them while specimen B looks gracile. The only T. rex we can confidently sex so far is the one Mary Schweitzer described with sex-linked tissues in the meduliary cavity.

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Yes=2C there is evidence (read: proof) that the "robust morph" *Tyrannosaur= us rex* are female. It seems that MOR 1125 (or "B. rex")=2C the specimen Ma= ry Schweitzer extracted medallary tissue from back in 2005=2C is a robust m= orph. Medallary tissue=2C of course=2C occurs oinly in gravid or nesting fe=
male birds. So there you go=2C the "large Tyrannosaurs" are female.
~ Michael=20

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Why do "we" think that large Tyrannosaurs are female? Is there any
real e=
vidence? Good piece of logical thinking that points us that way? If so=2C p=
lease point me toward.

If I were super rich=2C buying this T-Rex=2C male or female=2C would
be o=
ne of my indulgences. Just don't tell my girlfriend Megan Fox.

Andrew Simpson

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Samson is being auctioned off tomorrow in Las Vegas. I've
been trying to win the Powerball Lottery so I could bid but
that hasn't happened :) Anyway=2C here's a link to the
auction. The auction catalogue is definitely worth
purchasing for the 15 pages or so of color photos and
commentary by Peter Larson.


---- B tH=20
Wow=2C I just realized I had an 8-page article
in the May 2006 issue of DISCOVER ("How To Build a T.
Rex") on this guy.

Lots of nice pics with the article.

He was really fragmented!

Anybody here ever seen the mounted skeleton?

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