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Re: FW: Komodo Dragon venom -

> Don't like laelling things?? Welcome to the human race! That's what we do.

I am not against labelling things for communication sake. Just to use
labels with a bad connotation for animals. The bad appreciation of
cats and snakes, for example, has lead people in other ages, as well
as in our own, to kill these animals at sight.

> Be carefull when you suggest that animals don't have morals. They sure do.
> >From arthropods on up. "Morals" are the clergy's word for "animal instincts".

I am not an expert on morality, but I think it has to do with rules to
live well in society. These rules, at some level, may vary from a
culture to other, as well. These rules are consciently accepted or
refused by humans. With an instinct, you cannot do that. It is rare an
animal can interpret these rules of our societies, destined for
humans, and choose whether or not to accept them.

> You should not separate humans from animals this way. Different groups of
> fauna have different elevations of "morals". By that I mean "complexity".

Morals have to do with complexity? It may be that our brain is more
complex than that of other animals, and we follow moral rules and they
do not. But, then, chimp brains may be more complex than those of most
mammals and they make things our morality should condemn if applied to
them (although sadly many humans do), as infanticide.

> You've never seen cats kill for fun? Know how to torture other animals to
> get something from them? Call it instinct if you want. Just because so many
> people can't bring themselves to utter the "E" word (evolution) and connect
> with our distant past ........ --dale

Likely, slowly killing a mouse is what cats are compelled to do. Cats
do not have any social contract with mice. No society told them what
is evil and what not. Even if we try, they will not learn. Small kids
are selfish and can be also cruel if not educated. It does not have
correspondence with an human torturer which knows the rules he/she is