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Re: If you had a time machine...

--- On Sat, 10/3/09, B tH <soylentgreenistrex@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Now, a spinosaurid being shown going after one of the huge
> riverine fish that was (the major?) part of its diet would
> also be very interesting, IMHO.

OK, this seems like a seriously good idea if water scenes aren't too expensive; 
a maximally spectacular dino, in an engaging activity/environment, and the fish 
ain't no slouch, either.

Don't forget that gilled fish tend to float belly-up after a few minutes in 
still water that is suddenly carrying a high silt load due to a lot of 
thrashing and grabbing; thats makes a good opp for flocks o' ptero's and 
various other smaller onlookers to snatch a quick meal, too. Lots of potential 
side action, including a large and approximately coeval crocodilian I forget 
the name of. Plus everyone can make all the noise they want, (and they probably 
did, in such situations)...

All well-supported by the data/ecological analogies, especially in time of 
drought, if I am not mistaken...