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RE: UNtame crocs - how can you finish your thesis dodging these guys?

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> Amazing animals.
> Were there almost-identical species to the salt-water croc at 
> the time just before the KT?  What are the odds they could be 
> the same genus? 

Chris "Master of the Crocodylia" Brochu had an excellent review of the
crown-group crocs in:

In that paper, he shows the fossil record of Indo-Pacific crocs extending
only back the base of the Pliocene, and Crocodylus itself only to the early
Miocene. Taxa like Borealosuchus were present in the latest Maastrichtian:
at a rough glance, they are roughly "Crocodylus"-like (but the devil is in
the details, and they are not closely related phylogenetically to modern
Crocodylus in the larger context of eusuchians).

> By the way, to our Oz friends, why did they name it "alligator" river?

My guess is the same reason that Darwin talked about the "ostrichs" of South
America: refining the common names of various species hadn't occurred during
the 19th Century.

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