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Re: "Tame" croc...

On Sat, Oct 3rd, 2009 at 9:43 PM, B tH <soylentgreenistrex@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Steve Irwin, part two
> That guy's insane.
> You never know what an animal like that might do!

Actually, crocs tend to be very predictable animals. That how Steve
Irwin was able to be around them all his life and not get killed by one
(it's a pity he didn't study stingray behaviour in such detail).

> Didn't realize that species got that big -
> I triple-dawg dare him to make friends
> with a Nile croc!

Estuarine (saltwater) crocs make Nile crocs look like pussycats. At
least Nile crocs have a degree of sociability between themselves (which
could potentially increase - slightly - the chance of taming one). Adult
salties are solitary and highly territorial, and think nothing of
killing each other, let alone anything within their prey size range
(into which human fall quite nicely).


Dann Pigdon
GIS / Archaeologist                Australian Dinosaurs
Melbourne, Australia               http://home.alphalink.com.au/~dannj