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Re: Ceratopsine phylogeny questions

 Actually, the question of whether whether you want to consider them
 different genera in addition is entirely left to your (yes, your)
 taste is entirely left to your (yes, your) taste.  It's clear that
 David prefers to think of genera as _wholly_ arbitrary, but there are
 plenty of workers who disagree.  We should all remember that
 vertebrate palaeontology, and perhaps dinosaur palaeontology in
 particular, is very avant garde in this respect -- start talking
 about genera being purely arbitrary on, say, an extant entomology
 mailing list if you don't believe me.

Well, what criteria (if any) do they use? How (if at all) do they define "genus"?

After all, the ICZN gives us full "taxonomic freedom" in this respect.