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Re: Ceratopsine phylogeny questions

> Well, what criteria (if any) do they use? How (if at all) do they
> define "genus"?
> After all, the ICZN gives us full "taxonomic freedom" in this
> respect.

 You'd have to ask them that.  All I am saying is that those people
 are out there, there are a lot of them, and (since they tend to be
 old-timers) they are often in positions of authority and influence.

 That doesn't (of course) mean that you have to agree with them; but
 it does mean that you would be wise to be aware of their existence
 and their opinions.

I am aware of pieces of doublethink like this one, if that's what you mean: http://app.pan.pl/archive/published/app52/app52-651.pdf

I'm even aware of the attempt to create a "Biological Genus Concept" in extrapolation from the two Biological Species Concepts (if there are or can be viable hybrids, we're dealing with a single genus), but only something like three people have ever advocated it, let alone used it in anything near a systematic way.

 And perhaps not to present your own as though they represent a
 position that is universally held.

It's not just my own, it's the ICZN's: if you don't like an existing classification, you're completely free to publish your own based on any reasons or lack thereof you like, and neither is ever wrong.