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Fw: SDSM Museum of Geology New Exhibit and Event

Forwarded on behalf of Heidi Minkler at the Museum of Geology. Thanks!

Michelle Pinsdorf
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

--- On Tue, 10/6/09, Heidi Minkler <osugspaleo@yahoo.com> wrote:

> From: Heidi Minkler <osugspaleo@yahoo.com>
> Subject: SDSM Museum of Geology New Exhibit and Event
> To: VRTPALEO@usc.edu, NHCOLL-L@lists.yale.edu
> Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2009, 12:04 PM
> Dear Colleagues,
> My apologies in advance for cross posting. Please feel free
> to pass this message on to anyone as needed. 
> As many of you know, our new building is currently going
> up. The contractors have started work on the second floor,
> and the official completion date is scheduled for August of
> 2010. We have some new exhibit space planned for the new
> building, but the current Museum of Geology exhibits will
> remain in the current exhibit hall. 
> We recently received a wonderful donation from the Field
> Museum of life-size brontothere family sculptures, created
> by Frederick Blaschke. These wonderful reconstructions will
> be housed in the new building once it is complete. As we
> donât have the space for all three of them, we will be
> putting the baby brontothere sculpture on display in our
> current exhibit hall for the public to view. We are planning
> several events around the baby brontothere to get the
> community involved. 
> First, we are having a âName the Babyâ contest. It is
> open to K-5 students, and packets were sent out to local
> schools along with information for teachers. The winner will
> receive a free t-shirt with the name and cartoon picture on
> it. 
> Second, we are throwing a Baby Shower on October 17, from
> 2-5. If you are in the area, we encourage you to show up and
> participate. We will have hands-on activities for children,
> and will announce the winning name and unveil the baby at
> 3:00. In conjunction with the Shower we have created a Baby
> Registry list of items that are needed to help us outfit the
> new building. This is where you all come in. If you have a
> few moments please go to http://museum.sdsmt.edu/home/events/ on our new 
> webpage
> and check out our registry list. If you, or someone you
> know, has any of the items in good condition that they are
> willing to part with please let us know. We are accepting
> in-kind donations as well as cash donations. We greatly
> appreciate any help that can be provided with this. We are
> looking forward to a fun-filled event. 
> In addition, we are currently updating our website and have
> added a page for Alumni and Friends. If you or anyone you
> know is an alum of the paleo program, or has worked closely
> with SDSM&T, please send us some information offline. We
> would like the year you graduated and what degree was
> received, what type of research you did while at Mines, and
> what you are doing now. 
> Thank you and best regards,
> Heidi Minkler and Museum Staff
> Museum of Geology
> 501 E. St. Joseph St.
> Rapid City, SD 57701
> Heidi.Minkler@sdsmt.edu
> (605) 394-2467