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Re: Largest footprints ever discovered

Jocelyn Falconnet a écrit :

Gigantic sauropod footprints have been found in French Jura (Ain Department), measuring between 1.5 
to 2 meters in diameter ! These footprints were studied by Pierre Hantzpergue and Jean-Michel Mazin 
(Université Lyon I - CNRS), who is better known for his work on the "Plage of 
ptérosaures" (Pterosaur Beach) of Crayssac, Southern France.

The successive discoveries of dinosaur footprints sites in French and Swiss 
jura during the 2000's confirm the presence of wide emersed areas in the region 
during the Late Jurassic (Tithonian here), contrary to what was widely accepted 
recently. Reminds me of the Massif Central which was supposedly emersed during 
the Cretaceous, and was used to support dinosaur dispersion in the Western 
Europe Archipelago... but is now known to have been covered by a pretty thick 
chalk beds, now eroded/dissolved.

Some details here: 

And even more details there, but for French speakers (fortunately, there are 
pictures and a video too): 

And there (also in French): 

The official press release will be given in october 8 by the CNRS.

PS: If you do understand French, just try Google Translation. The results are 
still not perfect, but they could be worse (as long as you understand the 


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