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Re: *Mauisaurus* vs large pterosaurs

--- On Wed, 10/7/09, don ohmes <d_ohmes@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I have never seen this seemingly obvious idea in print,
> though, nor heard it advanced in conversation. Does anyone
> have a reference to the contrary, rebuttal, criticism 
> or comment?
> Don

Aha! "Brown (1904) described plesiosaur remains (AMNH 5803) from the Ft. Pierre 
Formation, at the "head of Hat Creek Basin, 18 mi. southwest of Edgemont, South 
Dakota" that contained fish vertebrae, broken pterodactyl bones, and Scaphites 
as stomach contents." 

Brown apparently made no mention of how the ptero bones got there, though. 
< http://www.oceansofkansas.com/Brown-04.html>

Thanks to Mike Everhart!