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Re: *Mauisaurus* vs large pterosaurs

 Further, an elasmosaur swimming below the surface in clear water
 could accelerate at a positive angle of 25 or 30 degrees relative to
 horizontal. Given a 15m neck, this would put the head approximately
 10 m above the water surface when the main body breached the surface.

That would cause the poor animal to tilt over and hit its entire 15 m long throat, and the head, against the water surface. Hard. As in "once-in-a-lifetime experience", considering the fact that the head, while small, is dorsoventrally flattened.

And why do you think that marine pterosaurs were plentiful enough to have an effect on elasmosaurid evolution?

Besides, what about the recent finds of elasmosaurid stomach contents that indicate elasmosaurids were generalist bottom-feeders?